Founded in 2014, ASG Technologies Limited is a technology incubator which works with corporates and government agencies around innovation.  We help organisations to position themselves for the future through exponential thinking.


As humans, we expect a constant rate of change, we are linear thinkers. Our intuition is to use our past experience to predict the rate of change we’ll see going forward. 


In this age of rapidly accelerating change driven by exponential technologies, our linear thinking causes us to make flawed decisions.  Learning to think exponentially is vital to discovering new opportunities, building innovative solutions, and more accurately assessing the future.

We believe that through exponential thinking we can solve complex issues for our customers and mankind, helping them to achieve their moonshot.


Innovation businesses, solutions and products result in new careers and job security that can only be great for New Zealand.


Positioning Organisations for the Future



PO Box 12 236, Penrose


Tel: 0800 420032

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