ASG Technologies was founded in 2014 and is a New Zealand based technology incubator, our people are trained in exponential thinking and charged with creating innovative ways to develop existing and emerging disruptive technologies into capabilities that can deliver enhanced outcomes for customers.


The incubator is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ultimate parent company TPT Group Holdings (NZ) Limited www.tptgroup.co.nz  The company is future-focussed and looks to find new ways of leveraging the Group’s inherent capabilities through exponential thinking, new technologies, and partnerships.  


We are in a time of opportunity, a time where technology is changing the world, we are about solving complex problems, looking for the 'mess', and assisting our customers to identify their moonshot.

ASG Technologies draws on the wider TPT Group which has extensive engineering resource and experience with electronic technology.  We have strategic partnerships with international technology manufacturers allowing us to innovate with agility.

The world is changing at a significant pace and already it has been suggested that 80% of companies that will exist in 10 years time are yet to be invented. 

ASG Technologies has the brief to dream about what could be possible in the future and  to look at how to invent, bend and commercialise  these products.

The incubator continues to innovate and create products and in some cases global-first technologies which are now being commercialised.

Develop - Innovate - Solve

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