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ASG Technologies is currently working on a number of new innovative products and services as we continue to look into the future.  We have multiple innovation projects in progress acorss a range of customers.  Current projects include business process improvement, the deployment of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) technologies, cloud, LoRa, software, camera technology and robotics.


Our Generic Development Process - 6 Phases:


1 – Understand the Situation – In many ways this is the most important step. We like to really understand the outcomes that are required and the effects that will achieve that outcome.  Many of our customers will have specific caveats and requirements – no power on site, lack of internet connectivity, difficult access.  (We will take the time to fully comprehend what the situation is and what outcome is required.)


2 – Develop Options – This will entail an all-encompassing search across the Group and Partners knowledge banks and the internet. (We will look across a number of different industries and technologies to determine the best options.)


3 – Option Selection – The options will be tested against the situation and a variety of scenarios to determine how well they would achieve the desired outcome.  Prototyping and bench-testing may be required at this stage to provide an early proof of concept and to reduce the overall technical risk.  Any proofs of concept that have been built will be demonstrated.  At this stage an indicative cost would be available. (We will present the customer with the options and discuss the risks and benefits of each to help the customer make an informed decision on how to proceed.)


4 – Design Finalisation – The final design will take into account any learning from the option selection phase and any final guidance and direction from the customer (who will have often developed new ideas and perspectives during the Development Process).


5 – Production – We will re-use any prototype components that may be relevant to the final product and the most cost effective production techniques – tailored to the specification and volume of the production run.  (While ‘one-off’ customised items are often required, there is sometimes a requirement to deliver a batch of the product)


6 – Delivery – The product will normally be delivered with a handbook and some initial training.  Early life support and other maintenance/support arrangements maybe required for more complex products.  (We stand by our products will always be available for advice)